GameGrape Studios

The heart of Indie games


Bull Spit Gaming

Bull Spit Gaming is a game review YouTube channel that really makes sure when you watch the video you’ll want to play the game too! great reviews, great videos, great games check them out! is a new way for video game collectors & enthusiasts to share and connect on the internet.


MAROBI Entertainment Inc

MAROBI Entertainment Inc. is a small startup based in Montreal Quebec that was co-founded in 2014 by Emmanuel Boulay and Robert Pitman — two mobile and social game industry veterans with over 25 years of combined experience. With the addition of veteran artist Frédéric Côté, MAROBI creates fun and innovative games that break the mold and redefines genres.




AndresGames is an independent developer that works on mobile apps. Currently working on getting my apps running on Android and IOS.

The Happiness Place Radio

DJ Skyy Rockett

Find your happiness here!

The Happiness Place plays music that makes you feel happy! Smooth Jazz, Lounge, R ‘n’ B, Pop, and Old School Funk. Listen and Enjoy! Find Your Happiness Here! Turn that Internet Radio Up! 🙂


Changing the world one print at a time

At Octo3D they are all about additive manufacturing (or 3D printing),and are currently working on a personal desktop printer,known as Octo3D. There we will keep you posted on the latest updates and happening on the project, as well as other projects as they arise. Stay tuned for the release of Octo3D, you wont want to miss it!


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